Java AWT and Swing

Every business has need for a customer application with an interface (graphical). The graphical interface provides for the entry and display for many of the specific customer characteristics. The interface also includes buttons for saving entered data as well as closing the application. Generally, the application will also include menus enabling database information retrieval. Similar graphical interfaces are also required in science and engineering.

Java provides Swing to accomplish the development of nice-looking graphical user interfaces. Swing provides a library of innovative classes and other utilities to design efficient GUI with all the vital ingredients such as components, containers, menus, buttons, Labels, text fields and text areas, comboboxes, trees, etc.

The abstract window toolkit is a set of classes that enable user interface components and events. Typical components are windows, menus, buttons, and text fields. Typical events include selecting a button with the mouse and pressing the ENTER key after typing in a text field. Using the component classes, applications consisting of windows, menus, buttons, and text fields can be implemented. Events are automatically generated when the user interacts with the components using the mouse or keyboard. These events are modeled in the event classes. Using the abstract window toolkit's event classes and interfaces, the specific actions to be taken when an event occurs can be programmatically selected. Menus provide an effective means for presenting program options. The AWT includes classes for implementing menus and using menus.

Java Servlets

Servlet is a Java alternative to CGI that enables dynamic content generation. Just-in-time (JIT) Compiler

Since Java bytecodes are interpreted, the runtime execution speed is in general slower than that of C or C++, sometimes by an order of magnitude. However, this difference has been dramatically reduced by the introduction of just-in time compilers that translate bytecode into machine native code at runtime.