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                   The crucial Tamil Nadu (TN) assembly election is round the corner. There are several significant stakeholders in this arduous election process especially in its peaceful conduct and completion. On the one hand, we have so many political parties and independents yearning for the position, pleasure and power, the election commission (EC), the watchdog for successfully accomplishing the assignment is hyperactive this time considering the fact that the politicians could go to any extent to snatch victory through a variety of foul means and moves in the battle ahead, the media (electronic as well as print), which is keenly watching the existing, emerging and exciting scene for objective coverage and reporting, and finally the people, who are the lucky kingmakers being pampered and patted for a few days (the reverse trend will sneak and set in comfortably once the election results are out).  Parties have, after undergoing a lot of real-world difficulties and dissidence, firmed up their electoral alliances and associations. Though the outcome of this exercise is not pleasant for some, the parties could finish the rough and tough seat allocation tasks well in time.  Even one influential party had to back off from the contest at the last minute due to internal bickering. Further on, the parties have released their own manifesto with a host of provisions and promises. In a way, the euphoria associated with the initial formalities has just got over.

                   Subsequently with much fanfare, every single aspirant could start the campaign with all sincerity and seriousness in sync up with their electoral partners. The canvass is in full swing these days and the vote seekers are employing different methodologies including the liberal leverage of the information and communication technologies to reach out the masses more quickly. As the campaign is steadily getting into the accelerated and attacking mode, the public is entitled for some hot bites, biriyani, etc.

                    For the ensuing election, political parties craftily have bombarded and bamboozled the people with a growing list of freebies if authorised to govern the state for next five years. The free-for-all syndrome, originated and carefully sustained for some years now, has definitely lowered the esteem of TN in the national level. This obnoxious trend has reached the nadir in this election with parties striving and stretching hard to outwit the others. It is becoming a laughing stock and something substantial and sacramental has to be initiated collaboratively and executed boldly to end this nuisance to rescue the TN people from the impending and insidious dangers. Clearly the development agenda has taken the backseat in this melee and madness.

                     The goal of this write-up is to give some right and relevant insights for the TN people in simplifying and streamlining their decision-process. Generally voters ponder about different parameters (caste, creed, religion, region, ideology, etc.) before deciding whom to vote. The days of verifying and validating the candidate’s integrity, honesty, capability, approachability and commitment are unfortunately already gone. The overwhelming and ominous view is that politicians are self-seeking, corrupt, and casual. In this challenging and sickening environment, my preferred prescription for choosing the party or alliance to rule us for the next five years is the sheer development aspect. How much development has been achieved in the last five years can be a good yardstick to arrive at a sensible decision. The economic prosperity accomplished through a slew of reformations can be a right metric to measure the performance of the ruling party. There are several segments which we can analyse and articulate for more accurate and appropriate understanding about the developmental activities initiated and finished.

 The Industrialization Revival – As we all know that the industrialization in massive scale is a definite booster to raise the living standard of people. With that realization, new industry policy was meticulously made and unveiled to world business behemoths to usher in considerable industrialization across the state. A single window system was set up in order to speed up the approval process by eliminating all the inherent barriers. Coupled with other related initiatives, these coordinated efforts have resulted in scores of new manufacturing plants, industry parks and clusters, etc., in our state. Especially all the major car manufacturers from different parts of the world have put their shops in and around Chennai. The city of Chennai is being turned and tuned to be the central and core exporting hub for cars and hence Chennai is rightly being dubbed as”the Detroit of South Asia”. Mobile phones and computer manufacturing plants are planted in the suburbs of Chennai and that has resulted in creating thousands of jobs for locals (technical as well as non-technical). For encouraging fresh investments in industrially lagging districts in the southern part, more concessions in the form of tax exemptions are being granted.  Special purpose vehicles (SPVs) and special economic zones (SEZs) are being given prime importance to draw more value-added and job-creating industries. TN stands at the 2nd or 3rd level at national level in attracting foreign investments.

 The Energy Revitalization – Power cut has been a major irritant for the last couple of years in TN. Hopefully from next year onwards, there will not be any power problem due to the meticulous planning and speedy execution of several power-generation projects across the state for generating more than 10,000 MWs electricity by the DMK government. With this, the existing gap (around 3000 MWs) between the supply and the demand can be nullified and meeting the future demands comfortably becomes easier. Due to the utter failure of the previous governments in initiating any major power projects, the present government had to face the music. Also fuelled by the massive industrialization, the slowness in power generation, transmission and distribution reforms, and the free distribution of TVs, etc. have complicated the power scenario earning a bad name for the present government.  

 The IT Revolution   During the previous regime, there was a war cry to prepare the Hosur town for IT investments from different quarters as the Bangalore infrastructure has been suffocating with the unexpected and IT-induced growth. However it fell on deaf ears. The present government had initiated a slew of measures for setting up IT parks in six major cities to attract multinational IT companies to put their shops there.  Most of IT parks are all set for occupation and are brimming with confidence for subsequent expansion with all the incentives and concessions being granted under the special scheme. The TIDEL Park in Taramani, Chennai is the starting and shining point for the IT revolution in TN and the second IT Park adjacent to that is under construction (all under the vision of the DMK government). The IT fever has since then spread out wider and broader and due to that, thousands of IT jobs are being created for those students passing out of professional colleges today. The IT export is growing very fast and TN stands second in India on that account.

 The Education Renaissance - This government has done a lot of good things as far as the education is concerned. Established several new universities and colleges (technical, medical, law, science, sports etc.) across the state, appointed thousands of teachers in government schools, etc.  Still a long way remains to traverse in this segment yet this government has laid an appreciable foundation for the sustainable growth.

 The Infrastructure Resurrection – This is the very critical segment and fortunately the present government gave greater attention for rectifying all the past inactions and to put everything in place to accelerate the infrastructural growth. All the main arterial roads are made world-class across the state using the unquestionable public private participation (PPP) model and the government has built so many flyovers, tunnels, expressways etc. in industrially hyperactive cities in order to reduce the traffic bottlenecks and snarls with long-term and precise planning and perfect execution. Especially Chennai today presents a totally transformed city with a number of infrastructure developments. Other fast-growing cities such as Coimbatore, Madurai, etc., are being activated to enable them to get larger investments to pass through a number of delectable transitions in their infrastructure needs. 

                        Finally, some trendsetting and tantalizing development projects had to be shelved due to the persistent opposition from opposition parties. We could have a brand new and world-class airport in Chennai and this is being slowed down with the connivance of political parties. A new city landscape as navi Mumbai in Maharashtra state adjacent to Chennai in order to decongest the terrific traffic problem was planned and this also met the same fate. In the south, a private and popular industry leader was showing a keen interest in setting up a large industry and had to be stopped and scrapped due to the non-cooperation movement motivated by political rivals and locals. There are a couple of national-level awards for the sustainable improvisations and improvements of TN.

                        I will be very happy if the future government to be led by any party or coalition competing in this poll can surpass or even match the developmental works initiated, implemented and inculcated by the present government. Even the manifesto being presented to people by parties looks like the cut-paste version of the DMK manifesto. The parties are not sensitive enough to the peoples’ requirements at the ground level, not sensible and smart enough to come out with an innovative and unique agenda for the people. “He give freebies and I add more on that” is the gist and crux of the manifestos released for public deliberation and decision. No doubt that the TN people are being taken for a bad and sad ride and treated in an utterly disdain and derisive fashion.  How can we expect a kind of reasonable, reliable and responsible governance from such people and parties?


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