Books Review

Book Review

               For gaining a deeper and detailed understanding and grip on Restlet framework, I showed a keen interest in getting this e-book. The chapter about this robust framework is really informative and inspiring for me.

               This book begins with an excellent introduction on the fast-evolving REST method, the most promising yet simple architectural style for designing, developing, deploying and delivering enterprise-grade services. Developers with a fair knowledge on web programming using enterprise Java technologies could quickly absorb the techniques that are immaculately explained in this book and could develop competent and comprehensive service oriented architectures and applications. The next couple of chapters are lavishly stuffed up and saturated with complete source codes that precisely and concisely detail about how various existing and emerging RESTful clients could access a variety of RESTful services. There is a very useful chapter on the various parameters contributing towards designing futuristic and flexible RESTful systems.

                  Finally, as frameworks are the greatest enablers in simplifying and streamlining web application implementation, deployment, management and enhancement, the author has focused on the leading open source as well as commercial-grade RESTful frameworks and illustrated their usage and leverage insightfully. Tips, software and hardware details, comparisons and best practices are plentifully inserted and incorporated in order to lessen the learning curve of any diligent reader. There is a clear mention and deeper clarity on the tactic as well as strategic benefits of seamlessly associating the Struts framework with the REST method. The author could have spent some pages on the synchronization between the REST method and the Spring framework. Overall this book is a must for aspiring developers and programmers in order to be productive from the day one.